Staging Furniture & Accessories

Rent Your Own

Staging Furniture & Accessories

Rent Your Own

Pickup Location: 16b Emporium Ave, Kemps Creek, 2178

To keep rental costs to a minimum, customers can arrange to pickup items from our warehouse between 8am and 3.30pm Mon- Fri.


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Professionally Style Your Own Property for Sale

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We're delighted to present a selection of Google reviews from our valued clients. These testimonials serve as a source of inspiration, motivating us to persist in our longstanding efforts and assist even more individuals in enhancing their property styling.

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Online Courses

Choose from our various online courses.

Whether you are a first time renovator, a professional developer or want to become a property stylist, these step by step online training courses will show you how to maximise property profit or maximise your clients property success. Find all the knowledge, tools, systems and formula’s you’ll need to successfully renovate for profit, style for profit or decorate like a professional.

Become A Certified Property Stylist or do a DYI Property Improvement Course

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